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Call for Papers: Queer Québec Colloquium

Call for Papers: Queer Québec Colloquium

Photograph by Chicoutimi

Queer Québec Colloquium
Montréal, Canada

to be held in association with

Biennial Conference of
American Council for Québec Studies (ACQS)
October 16-19, 2014
Montreal Marriott Château Champlain

In early 2013, forty years after Montreal’s Théâtre de Quat’Sous first staged the queer
themes of Michel Tremblay’s ground-breaking Hosanna, Sans Tabou productions
announced the creation of Coming Out, “la première websérie gay au Québec.” For their
upcoming biennial conference, the American Council for Quebec Studies joins
Contemporary French Civilization, Québec Studies, and Liverpool University Press in
inviting scholars to examine and re-examine the place, role, use, and power of Québécois
queer expressions as new media begin to take and shape them. For some decades,
Québécois writers, artists, activists, performers, and film directors have imagined verbal,
visual, and virtual forms to present queer differences to the world. Scholars from a
variety of locales have also been investigating issues of queer identification,
accommodation, and determination in Québec, often analyzing these queer specificities in
terms related to Québec’s own cultural particularities and differences. Our goal at this
colloquium is to bring together practitioners and scholars involved in a variety of creative
and academic fields to examine these questions for this still-young twenty-first century
and its changing expressions. As we examine and re-examine queer pasts and presents,
we wish to explore what creative and scholarly tools give life to a future in/of a queer


Possible Themes

Queer canons/auteurs
Queer icons and heroes
Public/private identities
Queer communities
Queer visibility/invisibility
Queer archives
Queer national/provincial
Queer majority/minority
Queer diaspora
Queer immigrant expressions
Queer race and ethnic matters
Queer/ed language/queer joual
Queer in translation/studies
Queer filiation
Queer revolts and revolutions
The virtual queer
Hosanna at 40
Queer mises en scène
Queer/ed political discourses and public figures
LGBT/Queer performance and music
Queer youth cultures
LGBT/Queer textual figures
Queer indigeneity/le queer autochtone
Global gay city/City as queer memory
Queer maps and flânerie
Queer temporalities/queer pasts and futures
Queer presence or silence in popular protests
Queer/ed religious discourses
The working queer
Queer/ing church
Queer theory and feminism in Québec
The queer child


The list of themes is only a suggestion of possible topics. We look forward to proposals from
artists, activists, and performers as well as scholars from a variety of fields, from history to
cinema studies, from political science to literature, from geography to performance studies.
We welcome creative work, photographs, exhibitions, and scholarship on themes previously
examined in Queer Québec studies as well as explorations of new directions. We also
welcome work on any historical period from the late-nineteenth century to the present.
Interdisciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged.

To be considered for the colloquium, please submit your individual abstract (250-300 words),
in English or French, to the ACQS website ( by 15 April 2014, noting “Queer
Québec” under “Comments.” Your proposal will be forwarded to Dr. Charles Batson
(This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and Dr. Denis M. Provencher (This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), the colloquium
organizers. To propose a full session, please contact Drs. Batson and Provencher directly by
1 April 2014 with your session rationale (900-1000 words), including the names, affiliations,
and abstracts of all participants. Once your proposal is accepted for the colloquium, you will
receive further information concerning registration, lodging, and related matters.

The colloquium organizers have plans to publish a special issue of Québec Studies on “Queer
Québec” and hence are looking for a wide variety of topics for this project.

Québec Studies, Contemporary French Civilization, and Liverpool University Press are
proud sponsors of this colloquium.

Comité scientifique:
Charles Batson (Union College)
Dominique Fisher (UNC – Chapel Hill)
Bénédicte Mauguière (Colby College)
Karen McPherson (University of Oregon)
Denis Provencher (University of Maryland Baltimore County)
Robert Schwartzwald (Université de Montréal)


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