Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 12

BookArs Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 12

Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, Volume 12

Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art, 12


March 31st, 2016





Ars Judaica is an annual publication of the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University. It showcases the Jewish contribution to the visual arts and architecture from antiquity to the present from a variety of perspectives, including history, iconography, semiotics, psychology, sociology, and folklore. As such it is a valuable resource for art historians, collectors, curators, and all those interested in the visual arts.
Contributors: Zsofia Buda, Andreina Contessa, Monika Czekanowska-Gutman, Basema Hamarneh, Moshe Idel, Sharman Kadish, Reuven Kiperwasser, Rudolf Klein, Susan Nashman Fraiman, Ido Noy, Larry Silver, Ronit Sorek, Sharon Weiser-Ferguson
Volumes of Ars Judaica are distributed by the Littman Library of Jewish Civilization throughout the world, except Israel.
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Author Information

Bracha Yaniv is Professor Emerita of Jewish Art History at Bar-Ilan University, Israel, and founding editor of Ars Judaica: The Bar-Ilan Journal of Jewish Art. She has published two pioneering books in Hebrew on the history, design, and iconography of ceremonial synagogue objects. Sara Offenberg is Lecturer in the Jewish Art Department at Bar-Ilan University. She published articles and a book on Jewish-Christian relations in art and literature, the image of the Jew in Christian art and literature, Hasidei Ashkenaz, Piyyut Commentary, and Hebrew illuminated prayer books. Mirjam Rajner is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University. Since 2005 she has been co-editor of Ars Judaica, the leading journal on Jewish art and visual culture. She has published numerous articles on Marc Chagall and modern central and east European Jewish art in exhibition catalogues, edited volumes, and academic journals, such as East European Jewish Studies, Images, Jewish Art, Nashim, Studia Rosenthaliana, and Studies in Contemporary Jewry. She is the author of Fragile Images: Jews and Art in Yugoslavia,1918–1945 (2019), and is currently co-editing a collection of articles entitled Crossing Borders: Jewish History and Culture in Southeastern Europe. Ilia Rodov is Head of the Department of Jewish Art at Bar-Ilan University. He is the author of many works on European synagogue art, focusing on the history, patronage, and meanings of synagogue paintings, sculptures, architectural decoration, and furniture design.

Table of Contents

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Editors' Note
Sacrifice in Balance: The Akedah—An Eschatological Perspective  ZSOFIA BUDA
The Fleuron Crown from Neumarkt in Silesia (Środa Śląska): Christian Material Culture in a Jewish Context   IDO NOY
Visualization of Colours, 2: Implications of David ben Yehudah he-Hasid's Diagram for the History of Kabbalah   MOSHE IDEL
The Mantua Torah Ark and Lady Consilia Norsa: Jewish Female Patronage in Renaissance Italy   ANDREINA CONTESSA
Challenging the Non-Jewish Images of a Jewish Queen: Portrayals of Esther by Early-Twentieth Century Jewish Artists   MONIKA CZEKANOWSKA-GUTMAN
Humour in Architecture: Jewish Wit on Béla Lajta’s Buildings   RUDOLF KLEIN
Chagall's Stained-Glass Syncretism   LARRY SILVER
Special Item
Zoya Cherkassky's Aachen Passover Haggadah: A Subversive Illuminated Manuscript   RONIT SOREK
Book Reviews
Mosaics Mirror of Faith
Rina Talgam, Mosaics of Faith: Floors of Pagans, Jews, Samaritans, Christians, and Muslims in the Holy Land
Rabbis as Visual Beings
Rachel Neis, The Sense of Sight in Rabbinic Culture: Jewish Ways of Seeing in Late Antiquity
Jewish Sanctuary in the Old and New Worlds
Barry L. Stiefel, with the assistance of David Rittenberg, Jewish Sanctuary in the Atlantic World: A Social and Architectural History
Barry L. Stiefel, Jews and the Renaissance of Synagogue Architecture, 1450-1730
Exhibition Reviews
Looking Back on a Forward Thinker: Moshe Zabari Retrospective
Moshe Zabari: Retrospective, curator and catalogue editor Nitza Behroozi Baroz
Bezalel: In and Out in Jewish Contemporary Art, curator and catalogue editors Shiriat-Miriam Shamir and Ido Noy
The Second Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art 2015