with the Finnesburg Fragment

Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies


January 1st, 1997



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This fifth, revised edition of Wrenn's Beowulf strives to retain the four distinctive features of the previous editions: textual conservatism, concise presentation, concentration on the needs of literary students, and Wrenn's superb erudition and experience. For the most part it leaves intact Wrenn's basic intentions and editorial decisions; with rare exceptions, they have been altered only because of new evidence that Wrenn could not have seen. Includes the Old English text of 'Beowulf' and the 'Finnesburg Fragment', with introduction, notes and glossary.

Few comprehensive discussions of the poem can equal Professor Wrenn’s introduction, in which the numerous complicated but necessary matters are explained in a brilliantly clear and readable fashion.


Author Information

The late C. L. Wrenn was Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Oxford. W. F. Bolton is Emeritus Professor of English at Rutgers University.