Between Literature and Science

BookBetween Literature and Science

Between Literature and Science

Poe, Lem, and Explorations in Aesthetics, Cognitive Science, and Literary Knowledge


May 1st, 2001





In Between Literature and Science Peter Swirski examines the true intellectual scope of Edgar Allan Poe and Stanislaw Lem. His analysis of Poe’s little-studied Eureka provides the basis for his discussion of Lem’s critique of scientific reductionism and futurological forecasts. Swirski shows that Poe and Lem propose far-reaching hypotheses in aesthetics, epistemology, cognitive science and philosophy of science as well as in cosmology, artificial intelligence and futurology.

Between Literature and Science makes a significant contribution to Poe scholarship, Lem scholarship, literary theory, philosophy and literature, epistemology, and aesthetics... It stands out from the rank and file of academic books by virtue of the breadth and depth of the reading and thinking it exemplifies and conveys.
Paisley Livingston

Breaking free of the doldrums of postmodernist thought, Swirski writes with directness and vigor, and gives new hope for the future of literary studies.
Jerrold Levinson

Author Information

Peter Swirski is Professor of American Literature and American Studies at the University of Bahrain and Honorary Professor in China.

Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
The Pragmatic Side of Aesthetics
Towards a New Epistemology
An Essay in Cosmology
There is Science in My Philosophy
The Future History of Biterature
Of Machines and Men
Conclusion: No Discipline is an Island