Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd

BookBeyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd

Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd


February 14th, 2017





Accompanied along the way by John’s characteristic wit, and with prints ranging from magazine covers, comics and specialist commissioned pieces, Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd presents a tour de force of graphic illustration. This beautifully designed book is not only an intricately narrated portfolio from one of the industry’s most celebrated and long serving artists, but also an essential book for all art, graphic and comic enthusiasts.


'Every page is so well designed and image rich - such a lovely book to get immersed in and so informative and interesting. The references really help to contextualise the artwork and development - gives the reader a greater understanding of [John’s], work and influences - as well as being very inspirational for any budding artists. Brilliant!'
Avram Buchanan, Creative Director - Limehouse Communication Agency

'This book is loaded with John Higgins art. It’s rather interesting looking at his early material and seeing how much he has developed over his lifetime. A lot of the series he’s worked on is still available so makes this book a suitable taster as well for what you want to pick out. If you’re after art tips then the pointers here will serve you whether you’re amateur or pro. A worthwhile experience.'

'Packed with artwork, John H.'s narrative comes complete with professional tradecraft info of a high order, survival tips gained from hard-won experience and technical tips to many of his own techniques. A prolific comic illustrator in his own right, John has ranged across the genres and styles, often pushing the boundaries of taste, experimenting with pen, paint and technology.'
John May, The Generalist

Author Information

John Higgins is an acclaimed graphic artist, writer and publisher. A frequent collaborator with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, his work includes Batman: The Killing Joke, Watchmen, Judge Dredd, Before Judge Dredd and Razorjack. Dave Gibbons is the co-creator of Watchmen.

Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
Foreword by Dave Gibbons
Chapter 1
Once upon a time - getting started
Chapter 2
Watchmen - colour and colouring
Chapter 3
2000AD and Judge Dredd - anatomy of a freelancer
Chapter 4
Teeth and claw - why monsters?
Chapter 5 
The shortest SF story - how to tell a long tale
Chapter 6
Turmoil, toil and trouble - changing direction
Chapter 7 
Self-publishing - how to lose your house in one easy lesson 
Chapter 8 
Wondering - freelancing and superheroes 
Chapter 9
Writing for comic books - script form and panel descriptions
Chapter 10
Before and after curse - pirates, zombies and dinosaurs
Chapter 11
Everything you wanted to know - but were afraid to ask
Chapter 12
Materials and techniques - from pencil to digital
Postscript by Julian Ferraro