Birds of the Heart of England

BookBirds of the Heart of England

Birds of the Heart of England

A Sixty Year Study 1952–2011


June 30th, 2013





Drawing upon a remarkable sixty years of surveys, this fascinating and richly illustrated book provides an in-depth picture of birdlife in the very heart of the United Kingdom, the twelve 10km squares surrounding Banbury and including parts of Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Warwickshire. The product of annual surveys since 1952, Birds of the Heart of England creates a snapshot of remarkable changes in the distribution of many birds through the use of clear colour maps, species accounts and a variety of illustrations. It will be required reading in the region but its sheer depth of data will make it an important volume for ornithological groups across the UK.

A unique in-depth survey utilising 60 years of data to establish trends in bird population A richly illustrated book detailing the bird life in the heart of England. Uses full colour maps, photographs and detailed species accounts

This book is well-produced. If you live in the relevant parts of Oxon, Northants or Warwicks, and are interested in birds, then you should certainly buy it. If you are just interested in birds then it’s well worth a look – and you may decide that you wish you lived in the Banbury area – if not for its birds, then certainly for the Banbury Ornithological Society.
Mark Avery

This is one of a series of excellent county publications produced recently by the non-profitmaking Liverpool University Press and is highly recommended for anyone interested in the systematic monitoring of birds in their home area.
John Clark, British Birds

British Birds

...this excellent book displays a justifiable pride in the achievements of a small local bird club, the Banbury Ornithological Society.

Ibis, 156

This timely, chunky, 200-page book and regional avifauna summarises the results from 60 years of study, 1952-2011. The eye-catching Great Spotted Woodpecker on the jacket cover beckons a good read for all local birders, a recommended source for conservationists in an area threatened by road, rail, air and housing development – an ideal template for other societies, visitors to this region.


... this book perfectly reflects the intense and varied ornithological activity. It marvellously illustrates how the gathered information can be transposed beautifully into figures and images. In addition to the lists of mapped and described species, Birds of the Heart of England dedicates several chapters to information about habitat changes. Among these, there is a chapter explaining changes in species distribution. This book is a good example of a thorough review conducted of a relatively small area.


Author Information

Trevor Easterbrook has been recording and writing on birdlife for many years.