British Shipping and World Competition

BookBritish Shipping and World Competition

British Shipping and World Competition

Research in Maritime History, 42


October 18th, 2017

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This work is a reprint of a 1962 book, British Shipping and World Competition, by maritime economist Dr S. G. Sturmey. It seeks to explain why the tonnage of ships registered in the United Kingdom declined from forty-five percent of the world total in 1900, to sixteen percent by 1960. It presents four possible answers and proceeds to examine them in detail: changes in approaches to competition resulting in changes to the economic structure of the industry; international interference in competitive structures; unrelated factors, such as government policies that didn’t directly concern shipping but still caused an impact; and the internal actions within British shipping relating to changes in industrial circumstances. It is comprised of fifteen chapters, an appendix tabling the contribution of British shipping to the balance of payments, a bibliography, comprehensive index, epilogue, and a foreword from the series editor which states that the Sturmey’s arguments remain resonant in the field of maritime history in the present day. Sturmey makes a particular effort to place the activity in the British shipping industry into an international context for the sake of comparative analysis. It concludes that the decline of the industry was primarily due to internal decision-making rather than external factors - a conclusion that was considered divisive and provocative upon initial release, but has stood the test of time. The epilogue attempts to predict the future of British shipping post-1960, suggesting shipowners could improve the industry’s prospects: however, few of these predictions came to be.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title page3
Copyright Page4
Table of Contents7
Series Editor's Foreword9
About the Author11
Figures and Tables15
Chapter 1: The Problem Defined19
Chapter 2: High Water: The Pre-1914 Period29
Chapter 3: War and Reconstruction49
Chapter 4: The Troubled Years: The Interwar Period71
Chapter 5: Nationalism in Shipping in the Interwar Years101
Chapter 6: The Birth of the Liberty135
Chapter 7: The Prosperous Age: The Postwar Period153
Chapter 8: Enemies of Competition in the Postwar Years177
Chapter 9: Flags of Convenience195
Chapter 10: Economics of Shipping Enterprises215
Chapter 11: Shipowning and Resource Allocation241
Chapter 12: Labour Relations and Labour Costs (by Basil Mogridge)255
Chapter 13: The Conference System289
Chapter 14: The Structure of the British Industry319
Chapter 15: The Question Answered339
Epilogue: The Future357
Appendix: The Contribution of British Shipping to the Balance of Payments367