Caribbean Critique

BookCaribbean Critique

Caribbean Critique

Antillean Critical Theory from Toussaint to Glissant

Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures, 26


May 31st, 2013

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Caribbean Critique seeks to define and analyze the distinctive contribution of francophone Caribbean thinkers to perimetric Critical Theory. The book argues that their singular project has been to forge a brand of critique that, while borrowing from North Atlantic predecessors such as Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, and Sartre, was from the start indelibly marked by the Middle Passage, slavery, and colonialism. Chapters and sections address figures such as Toussaint Louverture, Baron de Vastey, Victor Schoelcher, Aimé Césaire, René Ménil, Frantz Fanon, Maryse Condé, and Edouard Glissant, while an extensive theoretical introduction defines the essential parameters of 'Caribbean Critique.'

'This is a very important and exciting book. Extending to the whole of the French Caribbean his previous work on the philosophical bases of the Haitian Revolution, Nesbitt has produced the first ever account of the region’s writing from a consistently philosophical, as distinct from literary or historical, standpoint.'
Celia Britton

'… the book fills an important gap in francophone Caribbean studies, which has always had a strong theoretical component but, arguably, has not previously been subject to such a rigorously philosophical critical treatment. … latest study will prove to be a landmark, indeed seminal, work in Caribbean Critique.'
French Studies

'Nesbitt’s book may be read as a survey, it also offers extremely succinct, complex, and compelling new perspectives on polemical issues that inhabit our work as professors, pedagogues, and intellectuals today…'
Contemporary French Civilization

'Nesbitt has made an important and highly original contribution to such debates.'
New West Indian Guide


'A prodigiously researched and compelling conceptualisation of francophone Caribbean critical thought.'
Gabriella Rodriguez, SX Salon

Author Information

Nick Nesbitt is Professor of French and Italian at Princeton University. His books include 'Voicing Memory: History and Subjectivity in French Caribbean Literature' (University of Virginia Press, 2003) and 'Universal Emancipation: The Haitian Revolution and the Radical Enlightenment' (University of Virginia Press, 2008).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Part I42
Chapter 144
Chapter 2 81
Chapter 3101
Chapter 4133
Chapter 5148
Part II172
Chapter 6174
Chapter 7188
Chapter 8207
Chapter 9231
Part III244
Chapter 10246
Chapter 11266
Chapter 12277
Appendix: Letter of Jean-François, Belair, and Biassou/ Toussaint, July 1792303