Catullus: The Shorter Poems


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This volume completes Godwin’s edition of all the surviving poetry of Catullus, aiming to bring the literary history of this poet to readers who may not have read his work before. It aims to describe and discuss recent scholarship on the poems, seeing them in their context as fully as possible. Some of these poems have often been imitated and anthologised, while others do not even find place in standard editions such as that of Fordyce — this edition simply seeks to find value in the poems of Catullus. Latin text with facing-page English translation, introduction and detailed commentary.

‘Catullus would have been delighted with Godwin’s edition of his shorter poems [...] It is attractively produced [...] This is a work of tremendous scholarship [...] His introduction is particularly good [...] for all teachers of classics and for university students this is an edition much to be recommended, as it adds many new ideas to the body of scholarship on Catullus.’
The Classical Review

‘Godwin’s Catullus is an admirable example of the series at its best: the commentary is clear, helpful and undogmatic [...] the introduction helpfully sets Catullus’ poetry in its historical and literary context.’
Greece and Rome

‘This is an extremely useful edition of Catullus which would be helpful to teachers and sixth form students. [...] The commentary on the text is very helpful both to student and teacher and includes a summary of the main points contained within each poem as well as more detailed comments on style.’

Author Information

John Godwin was for many years Head of Classics at Shrewsbury School, UK. His many publications include Juvenal: Satires Book IV and Book V (Aris & Phillips 2016 and 2020); Horace: Selected Odes (Bloomsbury 2018), Ovid: Metamorphoses III: A Selection (Bloomsbury 2013) and editions of Lucretius: De Rerum Natura Books IV and VI and the complete works of Catullus for the Aris & Phillips Classical Texts series.

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  Catullus' Life and Times
  Poetry and Performance
  Neoteric Poetry
  Interpretative Strategies
  The Metres
  The Transmission of the Text
Text and Translation