Ecology and Landscape Development

BookEcology and Landscape Development

Ecology and Landscape Development

A History of the Mersey Basin


October 1st, 1998




This significant study of ecology and landscape development is probably the first of its kind to focus on an urban and industrial region. The book brings together the work of more than fifty experts, many of them world authorities, in studying the interactions between humans and other living organisms since the last ‘ice age’ in a region where human intervention has a long history. Heightened interest in the past decade in the wildlife of the urban environment and the ecological processes involved has developed world-wide. Within the Mersey Basin, research has produced a profound difference in understanding, making this book unique as an ecological history and as a treatment of the industrial aspects of conservation.

The scope of this volume is impressive. It succeeds in bringing together a wealth of information under a single theme.

The Archaeological Journal

Comprehensively illustrated by a series of maps, charts, graphs and tables... a potential ecological domesday book at the end of the millennium.

Landscape Design

Table of Contents

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Forewords – Brian Alexander and Richard Foster
Introduction – E. F. Greenwood
I: The Background Setting – F. Oldfield
II: The Tide of Change – J. F. Handley
III: Changing Habitats 1 – E. F. Greenwood
IV: Changing Habitats 2 – S. Walker
V: The Changing Flora – A. D. Bradshaw
VI: The Changing Fauna – B. N. K. Davis
VII: Conclusion
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