From Valois to Bourbon

BookFrom Valois to Bourbon

From Valois to Bourbon

Dynasty, State and Society in Early Modern France

Exeter Studies in History


September 3rd, 2005





In August 1589 Henri III, the last of the Valois Kings of France, was assassinated by a Dominican monk, Jacques Clement. This ill-fated and much maligned son of Henri II and Catherine de Medici was succeeded by the first of the Bourbons, Henri IV and King of Navarre. This collection of studies by international experts in the field examines fresh evidence and casts new light upon the interpretation of the character and politics of the last of the Valois and Henri IV and the Bourbon dynasty. This book is valuable for all those who take an interest in French history whether they be students, academics or general readers.

Keith Cameron is Professor in French and Renaissance Studies, University of Exeter.

List of Contributors Keith Cameron (By (author)) Sydney Anglo (Contributions by) Joseph Bergin (Contributions by) Christopher Bettinson (Contributions by) Richard Bonney (Contributions by) Keith Cameron (Contributions by) Richard Cooper (Contributions by) Denis Crouzet (Contributions by) Mark Greengrass (Contributions by) R.J Knecht (Contributions by) N.M. Sutherland (Contributions by)

Author Information

Keith Cameron is Professor in French and Renaissance Studies, University of Exeter.

Table of Contents

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Introduction Keith CAMERON
1. Henri III: Some Determinants of vituperation Sydney ANGLO
2. Henri III, the Guises and the Huguenots N. M. SUTHERLAND
3. The Politiques and the Politique Party: a Reappraisal Christopher BETTINSON
4. The Blois Assassinations: sources in the Vatican Richard COOPER
5. Henri IV, King of Reason? Denis CROUZET
6. The Public Context of the Abjuration of Henri IV Mark GREENGRASS
7. Henri IV and the Problem of the French Episcopate Joseph BERGIN
8. Royal Patronage and the Arts in France, 1574-1610 R.J. KNECHT
9. Was there a Bourbon Style of Government? Richard BONNEY
Notes on Contributors