Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum, Volume 1

BookGuide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum, Volume 1

Guide to the Records of Merseyside Maritime Museum, Volume 1

Research in Maritime History, 8


October 18th, 2017

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This guide covers the following major collections hosted at the Merseyside Maritime Museum:- records deposited or presented under the 1958 Public Records Act; official organisations, including the Merseyside Docks and Harbour Board (MDHB), antecedents, and successors; shipping and trade associations; and shipowners. Other, smaller categories are published in the accompanying Part II (Vol 17 of Research in Maritime History, ISBN: -0-9681288-7-4) and together they form a comprehensive catalogue of contents. The guide summarises each collections as follows:- a brief historical introduction; a list of main items; an archival code; a datespan; a quantity of records; and a reference to any key printed sources held in the museum’s Reading Room. The museum archives are made up of crucial maritime documentation and are an invaluable resource for maritime historians. The museum focuses primarily on Liverpool due to its previous status as the second major port of the United Kingdom, it also houses a great deal of national and international records in a vast variety of media.

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Table of Contents
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Notes on the Access and Use of the Archives13
Chapter 1. Records deposited or presented under the Public Records Act, 195817
Liverpool Statutory Register of British Merchant Ships17
Wool Act Register17
Plantation Registers18
Certificates of Registry18
Register Books18
Subsidiary Register Books19
Transaction Books19
Curve Books20
Fishing Vessels Register20
Manchester Register Book20
Runcorn Register Book20
Runcorn Admeasurement Book20
Registry of Shipping and Seamen20
Agreements, Crew Lists and Logs21
National Dock Labour Board21
Liverpool Local Board Minutes22
Garston and Widnes Local Board Minutes22
Chapter 2. Official Organisations including the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board (MDHB), its antecedents and successor23
The Mersey Conservancy Commission23
The Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, its antecedents and successor23
The Upper Mersey Navigation Commission82
Chapter 3. Shipping and Trade Associations83
Shipowners' Associations83
British Liner Committee83
Canadian Atlantic Freight Secretariat83
Liverpool Ship Owners' Association85
Liverpool Steam Ship Owners' Association86
Employers' Associations87
Employers' Labour Association87
Shipping Federation, Liverpool & Mersey District88
Employers' Association of the Port of Liverpool89
National Maritime Board88
Marine Insurance Associations90
Liverpool Association of Average Adjusters90
Liverpool & London Steam Ship Protection & Indemnity Association90
Liverpool & London War Risks Insurance Association91
Liverpool Underwriters' Association91
Trade Associations92
Liverpool Cold Storage Association92
Liverpool Corn Trade Association92
Liverpool Cotton Association93
Liverpool Provision Trade Association94
Sugar Association of Lancashire94
Chapter 4. Shipowners95
African Steamship Co.96
Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.96
Allan Line98
Anchor Line (see also Cunard Line and Thos. and Jno. Brocklebank Ltd.)98
Associated Container Transportation Ltd.99
Athel Line100
James Baines and Co. (see Black Ball Line of Australian Packets)103
Beaver Line (see also Elder Dempster)101
Bibby Line101
Black Ball Line (original Transatlantic Packet Co. (see volume 2)103
Black Ball Line of Australian Packets103
Blue Funnel Line (see Ocean Steam Ship Co. Ltd.)147
Booker Line104
Booth Steamship Co. Ltd. (see also Lamport and Holt)105
British and African Steam Navigation Co. Ltd.106
Britannia Steam Towage Ltd. (see Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.)96
Thos. and Jno. Brocklebank Ltd. (see also Anchor Line)107
Bulk Cargo Handling Services Ltd. (see Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.)96
Canadian Pacific Line112
Cayzer, Irvine and Co. (see Clan Line)114
Charente Steam Ship Co. (see Thos. and Jas. Harrison)134
China Mutual Steam Navigation Co. (see Ocean Steam Ship Co.)113
Clan Line114
Coast Lines Ltd.115
William Cory and Son Ltd.115
Cunard Line118
Dominion Line120
Drysdale Towing Ltd. (see Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.)96
Elder Dempster and Company121
Ellerman Lines124
Furness Withy and Co. (see also PSNC)127
Glen Line and Shire Line (see also Ocean)128
Guinea Gulf Line (see John Holt)136
Guion Line131
Hall Line (see Ellerman Lines)131
Thos. and Jas. Harrison134
Alfred Holt (see Ocean Steam Ship Co.)147
John Holt and Co. Ltd.136
Inman Line136
Ismay, Imrie and Co. (see White Star)165
Irrawaddy Flotilla Co.138
Johnston Warren Ltd.139
Kyle Shipping Co. (see Monroe Bros., volume 2)139
J.H. Lamey Ltd. (see Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.)96
Lamport and Holt Line (see also Booth Steamship Co. Ltd.)140
Lancashire Shipping Co. Ltd.142
Larrinaga and Co.142
Leyland Line143
Liverpool and Maranham S.S.Co, (see Booth Line)105
Liverpool Screw Towing Ltd. (see Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.)96
J.J. Mack and Sons Ltd.144
Mogul Steamship Co. Ltd. (see volume 2)144
J.S. Monks Ltd.144
Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. (see Allan Line)98
National Line145
Nelson Line146
North West Tugs Ltd. (see Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.)96
Philip Nelson146
Ocean Steam Ship Co.147
Ocean Transport and Trading plc (see Ocean Steam Ship Co.)147
Oceanic Steam Navigation Co. (see White Star Line)165
Pacific Steam Navigation Co. (see also Furness Withy and Co. Ltd.)152
Overseas Containers Ltd. (see ACT)152
Papayanni Line (see Ellerman Lines)124
R. and J.H. Rea (see Elder Dempster)121
Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. (see also Pacific Steam Navigation Co.)162
Sandbach Tinne and Co. (see volume 2)162
Shaw Savill and Albion Line163
R. Singlehurst and Co. (see Booth Line)105
Southampton Steamship Co. Ltd. (Alexandra Towing Co. Ltd.)96
Straits Steamship Co. Ltd.164
Edward W. Turner and Son (see volume 2)164
United Molasses Co. Ltd. (see Athel Line)100
Warren Line (see Johnston Warren Line)139
White Diamond Line (see Johnston Warren Line)139
White Star Line165
J.H. Worthington (see volume 2)165
Yeoward Line168
Zillah Shipping Co. Ltd. (see also Coast Lines Ltd.)168