Irish, Catholic and Scouse

BookIrish, Catholic and Scouse

Irish, Catholic and Scouse

The History of the Liverpool-Irish, 1800-1940


September 1st, 2007

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Irish, Catholic and Scouse highlights the complex interplay of cultural and structural factors experienced by the most significant ethnic group in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century pre-multicultural Britain: the Irish in Liverpool. Drawing upon new approaches to our understanding of diasporas, this study emphasises the role of ethnic agency as Catholic migrants and their descendants made Irishness their own. Belchem looks in detail at those who remained in Liverpool, the hub of the Irish diaspora, and contrasts them with their compatriots who continued on their trans-national travels. This path-breaking study will be required reading for those who wish to understand the Irish diaspora and the cultural melting pot of nineteenth-century Liverpool.

Author Information

John Belchem, Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Liverpool, is acknowledged as Liverpool’s leading historian, whose many publications include editing the Liverpool 800 book, published on the city’s 800th anniversary. He recently contributed to the Peterloo Massacre bicentenary programme.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
List of Tables6
List of Abbreviations7
Introduction: ‘A Piece Cut Off from the Old Sod Itself’13
Part One: 1800-191437
1: Poor Paddy: The Irish in the Liverpool Labour Market39
2: ‘The Lowest Depth’: The Spatial Dimensions of Irish Liverpool68
3: The Holy Sanctity of Poverty: Welfare, Charity and the Sacred Irish Poor82
4: Faith and Fatherland: Ethno-Sectarian Collective Mutuality107
5: Electoral Politics: Towards Home Rule133
6: Extra-Parliamentary Politics: The American Connection169
7: ‘Pat-riot-ism’: Sectarian Violence and Public Disorder198
8: Cultural Politics: National Regeneration and Ethnic Revival210
9: Leisure: Irish Recreation228
Part Two: 1914-39259
10: The First World War: Free Citizens of a Free Empire?261
11: The Liverpool-Irish and the Irish Revolution275
12: Depression, Decline and Heritage Recovery309