Last Years of Austria-Hungary

BookLast Years of Austria-Hungary

Last Years of Austria-Hungary

A Multi-National Experiment in Early Twentieth-Century Europe

Exeter Studies in History


September 2nd, 2005





List of Contributors Mark Cornwall (By (author)) Catherine Albrecht (Contributions by) F.R. Bridge (Contributions by) Mark Cornwall (Contributions by) Lothar Höbelt (Contributions by) Rudolf Jerábek (Contributions by) Janko Pleterski (Contributions by) F. Tibor Zsuppán (Contributions by)

The emergence of central Europe and the Balkans as a major area of interest and international concern in post-Cold War Europe have given the fall of the Habsburg Empire and the consequences of that fall considerable contemporary resonance. The Empire was an experiment in multi-national politics, and how different ethnic and religious groups live or do not live together is very much what this book is about. The eight essays in this volume seek to unravel the complexities of the final twenty years of Austria-Hungary and its eventual disintegration, tackling from different angles the political, social and international challenges to the Empire's existence. The book aims to fill a gap in the market between expensive textbooks and very specialist articles and monographs and as such should appeal both to students and to the general reader interested in the Habsburgs and the Great War.

The essays provide new insights into the question of Habsburg endurance, while offering perceptive suggestions about its ultimate collapse... [The book] represents a valuable attempt to publish new research and new perspectives on familiar questions. Carefully edited and with an excellent set of maps and a solid bibliography, the book offers students and specialists alike fresh thoughts about the Habsburg Monarchy, the Soviet Union, and Yugoslavia. The International History Review

Concise and varied angles... Its lucid and informative contributions make it good value.

Robin Okey, The Slavonic and East European Review

Table of Contents

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Note on Terminology
1. Introduction - MARK CORNWALL
2. The Foreign Policy of the Monarchy - F.R. BRIDGE
3. 'Well-tempered Discontent': Austrian Domestic Politics - LOTHAR HÖBELT
4. The Bohemian Question - CATHERINE ALBRECHT
5. The Hungarian Political Scene - F. TIBOR ZSUPPÁN
6. The Southern Slav Question - JANKO PLETERSKI
7. The Eastern Front - RUDOLF JEŘÁBEK
8. Disintegration and Defeat: The Austro-Hungarian Revolution - MARK CORNWALL
Appendix. Documents: The Final Meetings of the Common Ministerial Council
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