Liverpool Accents

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Liverpool Accents

Seven Poets and a City


July 1st, 1996




This anthology is not a historical survey of poetry about Liverpool, neither is it representative of ‘Liverpool poets’. Rather, it is an opportunity for seven poets – all with a biographical link to the city – of different ages and affiliations to introduce their poetry. The poets represented have all been shaped by hearing the Liverpool accents; they have been influenced by the city’s history, culture and spirit. Coming from diverse cultural backgrounds and influenced by different parts of an extremely various place, the youngest less than half the age of the most senior, these poets demonstrate a range of poetic styles and concerns the city has helped to nourish. Each of the seven poets presents a selection of their poetry, also contributing an introductory prose piece focusing on their lives and work in relation to Liverpool. The poets are Elaine Feinstein, Adrian Henri, Grevel Lindop, Jamie McKendrick, Deryn Rees-Jones, Peter Robinson and Matt Simpson. The volume is introduced by John Kerrigan, who concludes: ‘Finally, and most intriguingly for Liverpudlians-in-exile, there is the pleasure of seeing what happens when voices brought up beside the Mersey encounter a larger world. On the evidence of Liverpool Accents, it is possible to prosper elsewhere, but not to forget the “ocean-minded streets” (in Matt Simpson’s phrase) which line that gull-swarmed river.’

Author Information

Peter Robinson was born in Salford, Lancashire, in 1953, and grew up mainly in Liverpool. He holds degrees from the universities of York and Cambridge. Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Reading and poetry editor for Two Rivers Press, he is the author of many books, especially of poetry and translation, for some of which he has been awarded the Cheltenham Prize, the John Florio Prize, and two Poetry Book Society Recommendations.

Table of Contents

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Introduction – John Kerrigan
Elaine Feinstein
Adrian Henry
Grevel Lindop
Jamie McKendrick
Deryn Rees-Jones
Peter Robinson
Matt Simpson