Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 2

BookNazism 1919–1945 Volume 2

Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 2

State, Economy and Society 1933–39: A Documentary Reader

Exeter Studies in History


August 1st, 2000





Volume 2 of this series of documents with commentary covers the domestic aspects of the regime between 1933 and 1939: the political stystem, the economy and society, propaganda and indoctrination, policies towards youth and women, the SS system of terror, antisemitism and popular attitudes towards the regime - consent, dissent and resistance. The documents in the four volumes of this series are drawn from a wide range of sources - official and party documents, memoirs, letters, diaries and newspapers - and are linked with a commentary. The combination of documents and commentary represents at the same time a textbook, a contribution to scholarship and a source book for students and historians.

Author Information

Jeremy Noakes is Professor of History at Exeter University.