Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 4

BookNazism 1919–1945 Volume 4

Nazism 1919–1945 Volume 4

The German Home Front in World War II: A Documentary Reader

Exeter Studies in History


September 1st, 1998





Volume 4 of this acclaimed series of documents with commentary is the most substantial study of the German home front in World War II available in English. It illuminates the nature of Nazism and the regime it established by documenting politics and life in wartime Germany: government and party, law and terror, welfare and social planning, sex and population policy, women, youth, propoganda, morale and resistance.

Jeremy Noakes is Professor of History at Exeter University.

... a triumphant finale to a remarkable publishing enterprise which began life almost a quarter of a century ago ... [and] required reading for anyone in the Anglophone world with an academic interest in Nazism. The immense value of the current, and final, volume in the series lies not so much in the continuing tradition of clearly written text and imaginatively chosen documents, though these virtues survive, as in the fact that much of the history of the home front is still relatively virgin territory. The documentary thread running through the text has to tell a story which cannot easily be discovered from any other source. ... None of the entries is superfluous; each tells a part of the wider story, which is unobtrusively woven around the documents by a deft editorial hand. This is no ordinary document collection.

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Jeremy Noakes is Professor of History at Exeter University.