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Paul Muldoon

Critical Essays

Liverpool English Texts and Studies, 41


April 1st, 2004

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The essays in this book testify to the fascination of Paul Muldoon’s poems, and also to their underlying contentiousness. The contributors see Muldoon from many different angles – biographical, formal, literary-historical, generic – but also direct attention to complex moments of creativity in which an extraordinary amount of originality is concentrated, and on the clarity of which a lot depends. In their different ways, all of the essays return to the question of what a poem can ‘tell’ us, whether about its author, about itself, or about the world in which it comes into being. The contributors, even in the degree to which they bring to light areas of disagreement about Muldoon’s strengths and weaknesses, continue a conversation about what poems (and poets) can tell us which Paul Muldoon’s work has made both compelling and fruitful.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page3
Notes on Contributors7
‘Thirteen or Fourteen’: Paul Muldoon’s Poetics of Adolescence14
Never Quite Showing his Hand: Robert Frost and Paul Muldoon34
For Father Read Mother: Muldoon’s Antecedents53
Pax Hibernica/Pax Americana: Rhyme and Reconciliation in Muldoon70
Muldoon and Pragmatism104
‘All That’: Muldoon and the Vanity of Interpretation118
Paul Muldoon’s Transits: Muddling Through after Madoc133
‘All Art is a Collaboration’: Paul Muldoon as Librettist158
Muldoon’s Remains178