Peripheral Visions / Global Sounds

BookPeripheral Visions / Global Sounds

Peripheral Visions / Global Sounds

From Galicia to the World

Contemporary Hispanic and Lusophone Cultures, 16


June 23rd, 2017

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Galician audio/visual culture has experienced an unprecedented period of growth following the process of political and cultural devolution in post-Franco Spain. This creative explosion has occurred in a productive dialogue with global currents and with considerable projection beyond the geopolitical boundaries of the nation and the state, but these seismic changes are only beginning to be the subject of attention of cultural and media studies. This book examines contemporary audio/visual production in Galicia as privileged channels through which modern Galician cultural identities have been imagined, constructed and consumed, both at home and abroad. The cultural redefinition of Galicia in the global age is explored through different media texts (popular music, cinema, video) which cross established boundaries and deterritorialise new border zones where tradition and modernity dissolve, generating creative tensions between the urban and the rural, the local and the global, the real and the imagined. The book aims for the deperipheralization and deterritorialization of the Galician cultural map by overcoming long-established hegemonic exclusions, whether based on language, discipline, genre, gender, origins, or territorial demarcation, while aiming to disjoint the center/periphery dichotomy that has relegated Galician culture to the margins. In essence, it is an attempt to resituate Galicia and Galician studies out of the periphery and open them to the world.

Author Information

José Colmeiro is Prince of Asturias Chair in Spanish Studies at the University of Auckland

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
List of Illustrations7
Introduction: Peripheries are not what they used to be11
Part One: Roots and Routes: Remapping Galician Culture in the Global Age27
1. Peripheral Visions, Global Positions29
2. Deterritorialization and Deperipheralization: Galician Studies at the Global Crossroads54
3. Sound and Vision: All Roads Lead to Santiago84
Part Two: Peripheral Visions111
4. Made in Galicia: Making the Invisible Visible113
5. Reimagining Galician Cinema: Utopian Visions?130
6. The Galician Magic Kingdom: Nation and Animation from the Glocal Forest152
7. A Peripheral Focus: The Rebirth of the Novo Cinema Galego178
Part Three: Global Sounds217
8. Peripheral Movidas: Cannibalizing Galicia219
9. Smells Like Wild Spirit: Galician Rock Bravú, Between the Rurban and the Glocal249
10. Bagpipes, Bouzoukis, and Bodhráns: The Reinvention of Galician Folk Music276
Coda: Leaving the Periphery Behind304
Works Cited319