Regenerating Culture and Society

BookRegenerating Culture and Society

Regenerating Culture and Society

Architecture, Art and Urban Style within the Global Politics of City Branding

Tate Liverpool Critical Forum, 12


April 5th, 2011





This collection is an essential guide to, and critique of, visual arts regeneration strategies mobilized by local and national governments attempting to brand their cities in contemporary regional and global markets for lucrative industries, tourism and heritage recognition. Looking at cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, Da Zha Lan in China, Bogata in Colombia and Rio de Janiero in Brazil and case studies in the former USSR, it offers critical analyses of the history of regeneration policies and practices with a unique focus on the use of architecture, art and visual culture as vehicles for the re-design and re-presentation of cities. Themes treated include sustainability and energy production for cities, sexuality and architecture, surveillance and power on the streets, utopian imaginings of alternative societies and consultation for social change in building.

Unique critical focus on the history and politics of regeneration. Looks at architecture, art and design as vehicles for regeneration. Contributions by critical commentators and practitioners – architects and artists. International coverage – with essays/creative sections on cities in Europe, Asia, the US and Latin America.

The subject of regeneration is one of immediate importance and relevance and this readable and stimulating book, with its wide geographic net, interdisciplinary approach and extended and diverse range of essays, gives it a near unique presence in this area.
Iain Borden, University College London

I would recommend this book to those searching for a light and broad precis of the role of art, architecture and visual culture in urban and cultural regeneration strategies, particularly if interested in such processes discussed through detailed engagement with case study material.

Urban Studies, Volume 49/11

Author Information

Dr Richard Williams is Professor of Contemporary Visual Cultures at the University of Edinburgh.

Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
Re: 'Regenerate': The Art and Architecture of a Mixed Metaphor
Jonathan Harris and Richard J. Williams
I Selling (Out) the City?
1. On the Brandwagon - Jonathan Meades
2.Us and Them - Peter Leeson
3. Cinematic Visions of Urban Morality: 'A Driving Perception' - Ian Adrian Fletcher
4. Urban Regeneration in Liverpool: Sign-structures of the Visible and the Invisible - Richard Koeck
5. Curators, Artists, Urban Space - Cecilia Anderson
6. Exploring Subtopia: The Urban Art of Regeneration - Anil Pallan
II Urban: Past Tense/ Future Conditional
7. Fragmented Utopias- Architecture, Literature and the Cinematic Image of the Ideal Socialist City of the Future: Dziga Vertov's 'Man with a Movie Camera' - Stavros Alifragkis and Francois Penz
8. Brutalism within and Against Regeneration: The Vagaries of an Ethical Aesthetic from Bevan to Blair - Owen Hatherley
9. New Threads for Old Labryinths: Moving Bodies, 'Trace-works' and the Practised City - Gavin Mcdonald
10. Engaging the City: Participation as Layering Multimedia Sensory Environments - Maria Prieto
11.City of Strangers: Urban Space, Fear and the Sacred in Northern Thailand - Andrew Alan Johnson
12. Street Life in Da Zha Lan - Ou Ning
13. Market Garden City: Making Slum Areas Productive to Build Sustainable Cities - Leonardo Cadena
14. Bio-Port Free Energy City - Simon Swietochowski
15. regenration, Sexuality and Space - Richard J. Williams
16. 'Search': An Artist Project for Television - Pat Naldi
17. Port Cities, Cosmopolitanism and 'Otherness': The (Mis-) Representation of Liverpool - John Belchem
18. Humility and Participation: Architect as Socail Agent Provocateur - Sarah Wigglesworth
19. Regeneration, Mobility and Contested Space: Cultural Reflections on a City in Transition - Les Roberts