Roman Public Buildings

BookRoman Public Buildings

Roman Public Buildings

Exeter Studies in History


September 1st, 1995





Roman Public Buildings was first published in the Exeter Studies in History series in 1989. It examines the development of Roman architecture and the significance of different types of buildings for the political, social and economic history of the period. A glossary of technical terms is included.

IAN BARTON was until his retirement Head of Classics at University of Wales, Lampeter.

List of Contributors Ian M. Barton (By (author)) A.J. Brothers (Contributions by) John Carter (Contributions by) Trevor Hodge (Contributions by) E.J. Owens (Contributions by) T.P. Wiseman (Contributions by)

Rich in examples, packed with information and adequately illustrated, this slim volume should be appreciated by students as well as by teachers.

The Classical World

Here is a concise and useful book covering all aspects of Roman public buildings ... I found myself enthralled by the articles on buildings for entertainment and aqueducts. Both are fascinating in detail and range and particularly lucidly written. Its clear layout and comprehensive indexing make it a useful handbook for anyone and I was particularly impressed with the glossary which deals well with obscure detail but does not by-pass the apparently obvious. Figures and plates are well selected and clear and all the sites described are illustrated.

JACT Review

Author Information

Ian Barton was until his retirement Head of Classics at University of Wales, Lampeter.

Table of Contents

Section TitlePage
List of Figures, Plates and Maps
Introduction - I.M. BARTON
1. Roman Town Planning - E.J. OWENS
2. Civic and Other Buildings - JOHN CARTER
3. Religious Buildings - I.M. BARTON
4. Buildings for Entertainment - A.J. BROTHERS
5. Aqueducts - A. TREVOR HODGE
Afterword: the Theatre of Civic Life - T.P. WISEMAN
Guide to Further Reading
Index of Sites and Buildings
Notes on Contributors