Saxon Shore

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Saxon Shore

A Handbook

Exeter Studies in History


June 1st, 1989





This volume presents a summary of the latest state of knowledge of each of the ten forts that originally girdled the south-eastern corner of England from Brancaster on the Wash to Portchester on Portsmouth Harbour.

Valerie Maxfield is Professor of Roman Archaeology at the University of Exeter.

List of Contributors Valerie A. Maxfield (By (author)) Paul Bennett (Contributions by) Dr T. Blagg (Contributions by) Raymond Brulet (Contributions by) Dr C. Paul Burnham (Contributions by) Dr Sonia Chadwick (Contributions by) Dr Hugh Chapman (Contributions by) Dr Henry Cleere (Contributions by) Dr J.S. Johnson (Contributions by) Professor J.C. Mann (Contributions by) Valerie A. Maxfield (Contributions by) Julian Reece (Contributions by) R. Reece (Contributions by) Andrew Saunders (Contributions by)