Speaking Science Fiction

BookSpeaking Science Fiction

Speaking Science Fiction

Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, 21


December 1st, 2000

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This wide-ranging volume explores the various dialogues that flourish between different aspects of science fiction: academics and fans, writers and readers; ideological stances and national styles; different interpretations of the genre; and how language and ‘voices’ are used in constructing SF. Introduced by the acclaimed novelist Brian W. Aldiss, the essays range from studies of writers such as Robert A. Heinlein, who are considered as the ‘heart’ of the genre, to more contemporary writers such as Jack Womack and J. G. Ballard.


Author Information

David Seed is Professor of English at the University of Liverpool.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
Speaking Science Fiction: Introduction7
Who Speaks Science Fiction?11
Science Fiction Dialogues17
Speaking of Homeplace, Speaking from Someplace27
Speaking Science Fiction—Out of Anxiety?38
Science Fiction as Language: Postmodernism and Mainstream: Some Reflections46
‘Fantastic Dialogues’: Critical Stories about Feminism and Science Fiction58
Vicissitudes of the Voice, Speaking Science Fiction75
‘A Language of the Future’: Discursive Constructions of the Subject in A Clockwork Orange and Random Acts of Senseless Violence88
Speaking the Body: The Embodiment of ‘Feminist’ Cyberpunk102
Bodies that Speak Science Fiction: Stelarc—Performance Artist ‘Becoming Posthuman’115
Science Fiction and the Gender of Knowledge137
Corporatism and the Corporate Ethos in Robert Heinlein’s ‘The Roads Must Roll’150
Convention and Displacement: Narrator, Narratee, and Virtual Reader in Science Fiction164
Aphasia and Mother Tongue: Themes of Language Creation and Silence in Women’s Science Fiction185
‘My Particular Virus’: (Re-)Reading Jack Womack’s Dryco Chronicles194
Aliens in the Fourth Dimension207
Freefall in Inner Space: From Crash to Crash Technology220
Notes on Contributors239