Studies in Latin American Literature and Culture in Honour of James Higgins

BookStudies in Latin American Literature and Culture in Honour of James Higgins

Studies in Latin American Literature and Culture in Honour of James Higgins


September 1st, 2005





The singular dedication of James Higgins to the study of Peruvian literature and culture is attested in the variety of work gathered here in his honour. His distinguished contribution to the shaping of this field began with his pioneering study of the poetry of Cesar Vallejo. The essays of this volume are gathered into two groups, the poet and the world, and narrative and social orders. There are a number of common threads that link them together and to themes which contribute to the notional map of Peruvian and Latin American literature and culture with which James Higgins’ own work is concerned. Distinguished authors in this volume include Astvaldsson, Belli, Bueno, Castro-Klaren, Cornejo Polar, Ferrari, Harris, Hart, Howard, Lambie, Millones, Moore, Puccinelli, Reedy, Rowe, Shaw, Silva-Santisteban, Sobrevilla, Swanson, Vilanova, and Wood.

Author Information

Stephen Hart wrote his doctoral thesis on Cesar Vallejo and spent several years teaching at the University of Kentucky before taking up his present post as Professor of Hispanic Studies at University College London. He is General Editor of Tamesis, and has recently published a Companion to Latin American Cinema (2004). William Rowe is Anniversary Professor of Poetics at Birkbeck College. He is the author of ten books, including Memory and Modernity: Popular Culture in Latin America (Verso), and Poets of Contemporary Latin America: History and the Inner Life (OUP). He was a founding editor of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, and is the founder and director of the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre.

Table of Contents

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William Rowe
Bibliography of the Publications of James Higgins
I.Poetry and the World
Astvaldur Astvaldsson
Mas alla de la forma: la relacion entre poesia y prosa en la obra de Manlio Argueta
Carlos German Belli
Manuel Padorno y los desvios
Americo Ferrari
La lengua desdoblada: reflexiones sobre bilinguisno y literatura
Stephen Hart
Cesar Vallejo’s Masks
George Lambie
Vallejo and Democracy
Melisa Moore
A Female Vanguarg in Peru: Marginality and Mediation in the Early Poetry of Magda Portal
William Roe
Dove sta amore? Writing, Passion, Space, and Surface in the Works of Jorge Eduardo Eielson
Ricardo Silva-Santisteban
II. Narrative and Social Orders
Raul Bueno
Virtual Genocides: Modernization and mestijazje as Images of Cultural Improvement and Social Development
Sara Castro-Klaren
El caldero de Babilonia: la mistica del espacio de la soledad en Cien anos de soledad
Jorge Cornejo Polar
Steele y Addison en el costumbrismo hispanoamericano
Christopher Harris
Thresholds and Themes in Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo: Preliminary Reflections
Rosaleen Howard
Translating Hybridity: A Case from the Peruvian Andes
Luis Millones
La table del fin del mundo
Jorge Puccinelli
Jorge Basadre en su centenario
Daniel R. Reedy
On Monsters and Monstrosities: Science, Superstition and Myth in the Viceroyalty of Peru
Donald Shaw
Vargas Llosa and Others: The Quest for Order in Modern Spanish American Fiction
David Sobrevilla
Prada y Palma: el apocaliptico contra el integrado. La prima fase de su disputa, 1885-1888
Philip Swanson
Authority, Identity and the Latin American Detective: The Mysterious Case of Mario Vargas Llosa – ¿Quien mato a Palomino Molero?
Nuria Vilanova
Mirades infantiles en la narrative del Peru
David Wood
Representations of Peru in the Twentieth Century: Imagining the Nation
Tabula Gratulatoria