The Exploited Seas

BookThe Exploited Seas

The Exploited Seas

New Directions for Marine Environmental History

Research in Maritime History, 21


October 18th, 2017

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The book combines the approaches of maritime history and ecological science to explore the evolution of life-forms and eco-systems in the ocean from a historical perspective, in order to establish and develop the sub-discipline of marine environmental history. Documentary records relating to the human activity, such as fishing, plus naturally occurring paleo-ecological data are analysed in order to determine the structure and function of exploited ecosystems. The book is divided into four chapter groups, the first concerned with Newfoundland and Grand Banks’ fisheries, the second with the potential of historical sources to provide a history of marine animal populations, the third explores the development of fisheries in the southern hemisphere during the twentieth century, and the final section explores the limitations of data and existing analysis of whale populations. The epilogue reiterates the suggestion that collaboration between historians and biologists is the key to furthering the sub-discipline.

Author Information

David J Starkey is Professor of Maritime History and Director of the Maritime Historical Studies Centre at the University of Hull.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Contributors' Notes10
The Newfoundland Fisheries, c. 1500-1900: A British Perspective23
Testing Ecological Models: The Influence of Catch Rates on Settlement of Fishermen in Newfoundland, 1710-183335
Nineteenth-Century Expansion of the Newfoundland Fishery for Atlantic Cod: An Exploration of Underlying Causes53
Status and Potential of Historical and Ecological Studies on Russian Fisheries in the White and Barents Seas: The Case of the Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar)89
The Danish Fisheries, c. 1450-1800: Medieval and Early Modern Sources and Their Potential for Marine Environmental History119
Historical Approaches to the Northern California Current Ecosystem145
Potential for Historical-Ecological Studies of Latin American Fisheries163
The South African Fisheries: A Preliminary Survey of Historical Sources189
The Potential for Historical Studies of Fisheries in Australia and New Zealand203
Examining Cetacean Ecology Using Historical Fishery Data229