The New Politics of Sinn Féin

BookThe New Politics of Sinn Féin

The New Politics of Sinn Féin


December 1st, 2007

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The New Politics of Sinn Féin is an assessment of the ideological and organizational development of Provisional republicanism since 1985. The book explores how the Republican movement has changed from an anti-state insurgency to a potential partner in governing the state it was pledged to destroy. In particular, the book attempts to consider the origins of what has become known as ‘New Sinn Féin’.

Author Information

Kevin Bean is Lecturer in Irish Studies at the University of Liverpool.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
List of Abbreviations10
Part I: Defining the Community21
Introduction to Part I22
1: Shaping the Terrain: Economy, State and Civil Society26
2: From Resistance Community to Community Politics61
3: ‘They Haven’t Gone Away, You Know’: The Withering Away of the ‘Provisional State’?101
Part II: The Historic Compromise?143
Introduction to Part II144
4: The Ideological Origins of New Sinn Féin148
5: On the Long Road: The Provisional Politics of Transition184
6: The Historic Compromise?227
Conclusion: The End of a Song?259