International New Media Art


October 24th, 2011





Advancing technologies have not only expanded our entire sensorial faculties into sites of artistic inquiry, but have also extended the concept of life into new hybrid forms ranging from artificial intelligence to bio-nano constructs of the animated and the enlivened. Life of another order is emerging to converge with the experiential and the ordinary and simultaneously raising ethical questions as to what constitutes life as well as inquiries about the conditions of life. This book attempts to explore symbiotic life forms to interrogate an anthropocentric modernity; it sets out to examine artistic endeavors and interventions challenging the common denominators by venturing into unfamiliar zones. Richly illustrated and boasting an array of distinguished artists, scholars and curators, the book explores systems that engender new sensations beyond the ordinary and the perceived, the new frontier of Bio-Nano life forms and the other uncanny visions of life creation; and artists’ interventions into the ecological crisis, proposing alternative strategies to the impending dangers that loom over human existence.

Author Information

Fan Di'an is Director of the National Art Museum of China. Zhang Ga is Professor at Tsinghua University Art & Science Center MediaLAB; Associate Professor at Parsons the New School for Design and editor of Synthetic Times (MIT, 2009).