The Story of the Science Fiction Magazines from 1950 to 1970

Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, 30


February 1st, 2005

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This is the second of three volumes which chart the history of the science fiction magazine from the earliest days to the present. The first volume Time Machines traced the development of the sf magazine from its earliest days and the creation of the first specialist magazine, Amazing Stories. Transformations takes up the story to reveal a turbulent period that was to witness the extraordinary rise and fall and rise again of science. Britain’s foremost sf historian, Mike Ashley charts the sf boom years in the wake of the nuclear age that was to see the ‘The Golden Age’ of Science Fiction with the emergence of magazines such as Galaxy, Startling Stories and Fantastic, as well as authors like Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick and Frank Herbert . He then goes on to explore the bust years of 1954-1960 followed by the renaissance in the 1960s led by the new wave of British authors like Michael Moorcock and J.G. Ballard and the rise in interest of fantasy fiction, encouraged by Lord of the Rings and the Conan books of Robert E. Howard. Transformations concludes with an examination of the new found interest in sf magazines during the late 1960s and the incredibly influential roles Star Treck , the film 2001: A Space Odyssey and, above all, the first manned Moon landing played in transforming the sf magazine.

Author Information

Mike Ashley has specialised in the history of science fiction and fantasy for over fifty years. He is the author and editor of over 130 books that in total have sold more than a million copies worldwide. He received the Science Fiction Research Association's Pilgrim Award in 2002 for Lifetime Achievement in the field of science-fiction scholarship.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page3
1: A Galaxy of Stars11
2: Saturation and Suffocation44
3: The Best of British?85
4: Creative Chaos115
5: Transformations171
6: The Times they are a-Changing213
7: The New Wave239
8: Fantasy versus Reality269
9: Aftermath309
Appendix 1: Non-English Language Science-Fiction Magazines312
Appendix 2: Summary of Science-Fiction Magazines330
Appendix 3: Directory of Magazine Editors and Publishers360
Appendix 4: Directory of Magazine Cover Artists375
Select Bibliography400