War and Trade in Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland

BookWar and Trade in Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland

War and Trade in Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland

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This book offers a selection of papers by Olaf U. Janzen concerning the maritime history of eighteenth-century Newfoundland, reprinted from various publications and assembled here in chronological order. It explores themes of imperial dominance expressed by both the British and French empires in the struggle for sovereignty that ensconced the two nations. The Newfoundland fishery in the wake of the Treaty of Utrecht was also source of tension between British and French fishermen due to the fishery’s lucrative status. In attempt to integrate Newfoundland’s maritime history into the wider context of the North Atlantic world it examines the struggles of France as their maritime trade went into decline; the dominance of the British Royal Navy on the Atlantic Ocean; the struggle of indigenous Canadians to migrate to Newfoundland; and the efforts of America during the War of Independence to target the fishery when vulnerable. It consists of an introduction, twelve chapters exploring pertinent themes, and an appendix containing reprinted oil paintings of British artist Francis Holman depicting a naval engagement of 7-8 July 1777 involving numerous vessels.

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Table of Contents
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"'A World Embracing Sea:' The Oceans as Highway, 1604-1815"19
"'Of Consequence to the Service:' The Rationale behind Cartographic Surveys in Early Eighteenth-Century Newfoundland"29
"The Problem of Piracy in the Newfoundland Fishery in the Aftermath of the War of the Spanish Succession"43
"A Scottish Sack Ship in the Newfoundland Trade, 1726-1727"61
"'Une petite Republique' in Southwestern Newfoundland: The Limits of Imperial Authority in a Remote Maritime Environment"81
"The Illicit Trade in English Cod into Spain, 1739-1748"111
"Un Petit Dérangement: The Eviction of French Fishermen from Newfoundland in 1755"131
"The French Raid upon the Newfoundland Fishery in 1762: A Study in the Nature and Limits of Eighteenth-Century Sea Power"141
"Showing the Flag: Hugh Palliser in Western Newfoundland, 1763-1766"167
"The Royal Navy and the Interdiction of Aboriginal Migration to Newfoundland, 1763-1766"185
"The Royal Navy and the Defence of Newfoundland during the American Revolution"205
"The American Threat to the Newfoundland Fisheries, 1776-1777"227