The Birds of Shropshire

BookThe Birds of Shropshire

The Birds of Shropshire


November 13th, 2019





The Birds of Shropshire provides the most comprehensive record of the County’s avifauna ever published. Produced by Shropshire Ornithological Society, the book is partly based on the results of six years fieldwork by over 650 different observers who submitted over 333,400 records. These records have been used to produce maps showing the distribution of almost 200 different species. Stunning images of 220 species have been contributed by 21 local photographers. The book includes an account for each species, describing its distribution and relative abundance, and the breeding status where relevant. The current breeding and winter maps will be compared with those shown in An Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Shropshire (1992) and with the Shropshire part of the national An Atlas of the Wintering Birds in Britain and Ireland (1986). Historical data, and results of specific local studies, are also incorporated.

For many species it will show that massive changes have occurred in their population and distribution. The book will shape conservation priorities in the County for the next 20 years.

The Birds of Shropshire is a comprehensive County Avifauna. It includes species accounts for all 301 species ever recorded. Apart from the 200 or so species that were recorded by the recent Atlas, the regular passage migrants, County rarities and species not recorded since 1950, are also fully described. Charts showing annual and seasonal occurrence of many of them are presented.

Other chapters include a History of Bird Recording and Ornithology in Shropshire; Changes in Migrant Arrival Dates; Shropshire and its Bird Habitats; Changes in the Status of Breeding Species; and Conclusions and Further Action. Appendices include Atlas Fieldwork and Results, and Comparison with 1985–90; Place Names (Gazetteer); References; Acknowledgements; and a table showing the status of all 301 species on The Shropshire List. Forewords have been provided by Amanda Craig, Operations Director for Natural England; Dawn Balmer, editor of the national British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Atlas; and Frank Gribble and Peter Deans, past and current presidents of SOS.

'If you have any interest in the birds of Shropshire this book is an essential read. The vast amount of information it contains is disguised by the quality of the writing, the beautiful illustrations and the clean, fresh layout of the pages. It's that rare publication: a reference book that invites you to read it.'
Martin George, Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Author Information

Leo Smith is a Consultant Ornithologist.