Making Waves

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Making Waves

French Feminisms and their Legacies 1975-2015

Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures, 66


December 11th, 2019



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French feminism was central to the theory and culture of Second Wave feminism as an international movement, and 1975 was a key year for the women’s movement in France. Through a critical review of the politics, activism and cultural creativity of that moment, from the perspective of both preceding and subsequent ‘waves’ of feminism, this book evaluates the legacies of 1975, and their strengths and limitations as new questions and new conjunctures have come into play. Edited and written by an international group of feminist scholars, it offers both a critical re-evaluation of a vital moment in women’s cultural history, and a new analysis of the relationship between second wave agendas and contemporary feminist politics and culture.


‘This collection is exceptionally well curated. Each of the chapters has been very carefully written and edited, and together this is fascinating, informative, critical and scholarly.'
Gill Allwood, Nottingham Trent University

“This volume is a lively and accessible mix of history, culture and politics, which nonetheless does not shy away from the complexities of feminism both in the contemporary sphere: the controversy over the burkini ban and the #metoo campaign, and historically: between essentialists and materialists of the second wave, for example, or between radical and what might be considered more moderate feminists.”
Helena Chadderton, University of Hull

Author Information

Margaret Atack is Professor of French at the University of Leeds. Alison S. Fell is Professor of French Cultural History, University of Leeds & Director of Leeds Arts & Humanities Research Institute. Diana Holmes is Professor of French at the University of Leeds. Imogen Long is Lecturer in French at the University of Hull.