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Sideways in Time

Critical Essays on Alternate History Fiction

Liverpool Science Fiction Texts and Studies, 59


September 26th, 2019



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Alternate history is a genre of fiction that, although connected to science fiction, has its own rich history and lineage. With its roots in the writings of ancient Rome, alternate history matured into something close to its current form in the essays and novels of the nineteenth century. In more recent years a number of highly acclaimed novels have been published as alternate histories, by authors ranging from bestselling science fiction writers to Pulitzer prize-winning literary icons. The popularity of the genre is reflected in its success on television, where original concepts have been developed alongside adaptations of classic texts such as Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle.
This collection of essays, by both leading scholars in the field and rising stars, seeks to redress an imbalance between the importance and quality of alternate history texts and the available critical scholarship on the genre. The essays acknowledge the long and distinctive history of alternate history whilst also revelling in its vitality, adaptability, and contemporary relevance.

‘Fascinating… the authors all help us understand how the Alternate History genre itself stimulates and encourages us to think about our own history, and our place in it.’
Martin Empson, Resolute Reader


‘A fine collection which is extremely well-edited… Sideways in Time is a significant addition to science fiction scholarship in general and alternate history in particular. It also raises fundamental and pressing questions about agency that we need to consider in the context of a twenty-first century which is turning out to be very different from its predecessor.’
Nick Hubble, Vector

Author Information

Glyn Morgan is Project Curator for the science fiction exhibition at The Science Museum, London, and an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool. C. Palmer-Patel is the founder and lead editor of Fantastika Journal.