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Using Primary Sources


February 28th, 2021





This is the paperback edition of the chapters contained in Using Primary Sources, an Open Access teaching and study resource that combines rare archival source materials with high quality peer-reviewed chapters by leading academics. Covering major themes within the medieval, early modern and modern periods, such as religion, ideas, conflict and class, this unique and easy to access e-textbook provides students with the opportunity to examine rare and original material in detail on their computer, tablet or phone as well as learn how they can integrate the source material in their own written work. Using Primary Sources provides students and teachers in the humanities with an invaluable free resource that teaches students how to use primary source material such as letters, photographs, legal documents, pamphlets, diaries and audio recordings in their studies. Edited by Dr Jonathan Hogg, Senior Lecturer in Twentieth Century History at the University of Liverpool, with over 30 academics contributing, this project is a collaboration between Liverpool University Press, the University of Liverpool Library and JISC, and is available for free on Manifold.

Author Information

Dr Jon Hogg is Senior Lecturer in Twentieth-Century History at the University of Liverpool.