Conservation Principles Policies and Guidance

BookConservation Principles Policies and Guidance

Conservation Principles Policies and Guidance

For the sustainable managment of the historic environment

English Heritage


April 23rd, 2008





The primary aim of the Conservation Principles, Policies and Guidance is to support the quality of decision-making, with the ultimate objective of creating a management regime for all aspects of the historic environment that is clear and transparent in its purpose and sustainable in its application. It sets out six high-level principles: The historic environment is a shared resource Everyone should be able to participate in sustaining the historic environment Understanding the significance of places is vital Significant places should be managed to sustain their values Decisions about change must be reasonable, transparent and consistent Documenting and learning from decisions is essential It is intended to give guidance on best practice. The principles are aimed at local authorities, property owners, developers and professional advisers,

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