Housesteads Roman Fort - the Grandest Station

BookHousesteads Roman Fort - the Grandest Station

Housesteads Roman Fort - the Grandest Station

Excavation and survey at Housesteads, 1954–95

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February 15th, 2014

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Housesteads is one of the most important forts on Hadrian's Wall. Extensive excavations were carried out between 1874 and 1981 by Newcastle University. Combining the results with those of excavations done between 1959 and 1961 by Durham University, we now have a complete plan of the north-east part of the fort. These excavations uncovered principally Buildings XIII, XIV and XV, plus stretches of rampart between the north and east gates, along with a multitude of features and stratigraphic evidence, revealing not only the sequences but also large finds assemblages. In addition to shedding much light on the material culture of the fort's occupants and the structural and chronological relationships between various parts of the fort, limited reinvestigation of Building XIV and excavation of the east end of Building XV enabled significant reinterpretation of the original conclusions reached by the Durham investigators, including some redating of structures. These excavations uncover the full 300-year period during which the fort formed an integal part of the Roman military frontier, for much if not all of that time the base of the cohors I Tungrorum milliaria peditat. This report documents the excavations and gives full finds reports, and the analysis of the evidence has enabled the authors to provide a full history of this part of the fort.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Chapter 1 - Introduction18
Chapter 2 - Hadrian’s Wall and pre-Roman agricultural activity48
Chapter 3 - The primary fort52
Chapter 4 - Modifications to the primary fort69
Chapter 5 - The chalet phase122
Chapter 6 - Modifications to the chalet phase153
Chapter 7 - Post-Roman occupation in the north-east quarter195
Chapter 8 - Excavation and survey of the principia and the gateways218
Chapter 9 - The development of the defences and rampart areas235
Chapter 10 - Investigation in the environs of Housesteads, 1976–1995250
Chapter 11 - Discussion: aspects of the site’s history286
Fold-out illustrations356
Figs 3.3 & 3.4356
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Figs 3.15 & 3.16358
Figs 4.7 & 4.8359
Fig 4.15360
Fig 4.28361
Figs 5.4 & 5.5362
Figs 5.16 & 5.17363
Figs 5.18 & 5.19364
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Introduction to Volume 2376
Introduction du volume 2378
Einleitung in Band 2380
Chapter 12 - The stonework, brick and tile383
Chapter 13 - The coins407
Chapter 14 - The small finds474
Chapter 15 - The samian ware532
Chapter 16 - The coarseware544
Chapter 17 - The glass vessels612
Chapter 18 - The graffiti618
Chapter 19 - The botanical evidence620
Chapter 20 - The metalworking debris623
Chapter 21 - The worked flint633