The Legionary Fortress at Wroxeter

BookThe Legionary Fortress at Wroxeter

The Legionary Fortress at Wroxeter

Excavations by Graham Webster, 1955-85

Archaeological Reports, 19


June 30th, 2014

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The Roman legionary fortress at Wroxeter (Viroconium Cornoviorum) was built on a strategic crossing-point on the River Severn. Though the site of the Roman town had long been know through the presence of upstanding ruins, the major excavations reported here have shown how the town plan was dominated by the underlying fortress. This fortress had been established by Legio XIV c. AD 60 and had then been partially rebuilt c. AD 66 when the legion was replaced by Legio XX. The fortress was downgraded in the late 70s to become a depot for stores before final abandonment c. AD 90. The excavations produced extensive evidence for the laying out and construction of the legionary earth and timber defences and of an area within the fortress to the north of the via praetorian where mess halls, barrack blocks and a storehouse were found, as well as considerable quantities of coins, metalwork, pottery and glass.

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