Animal Bones and Archaeology

BookAnimal Bones and Archaeology

Animal Bones and Archaeology

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Historic England


June 30th, 2019





This handbook provides advice on best practice for the recovery, publication and archiving of animal bones and teeth from Holocene archaeological sites (ie from approximately the last 10,000 years). It has been written for local authority archaeology advisors, consultants, museum curators, project managers, excavators and zooarchaeologists, with the aim of ensuring that approaches are suitable and cost-effective. The objectives are to: highlight zoo archaeological considerations in project planning; provide recommendations for zoo archaeological recovery, assessment, analysis, reporting and archiving and provide guidance on minimum standards.
Contributing authors include Lucy Allott, Gemma Ayton, James Barrett, Jennifer Browning, Eva Fairnell, Chris Gleed-Owen, Andy Hammon, Lorrain Higbee, Matilda Holmes, Richard Madgwick, Mark Maltby, James Morris, Rebecca Nicholson, Terry O’Connor, David Orton, Dale Serjeantson, Richard Thomas, Sylvia Warman and Jim Williams.

Author Information

Polydora Baker is Senior Zooarchaeologist for Historic England. Fay Worley is Zooarchaeologist for Historic England.

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Preface 1. Introduction to animal bones from archaeological sites 2. Planning for animal bones in archaeology 3. Best practice for implementing excavation and post-excavation procedures 4. Practitioner's guide to good practice Case studies Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Glossary Anatomical location Acknowledgements References Where to get Historic England advice Online supplements Index