Delivering Public Engagement, Skills and Training

BookDelivering Public Engagement, Skills and Training

Delivering Public Engagement, Skills and Training

Harmondsworth Barn Case Study

Historic England


January 1st, 1970





It outlines how these activities where planned, the range of options considered, which activities were selected and why. It goes on to describe how these activities were delivered including costs and the use of contract clauses to build the activities into the main contractors works. It gives an end project review giving practical lessons learned, the wider benefits to the project, and feedback from the project team and those attending events.

Since this project was undertaken in 2014, English Heritage has become two separate organisations. The English Heritage Trust, the new charity who care for the historic sites and properties, and Historic England the government's expert advisory service for the historic environment.

Building on the lessons learned from this project, English Heritage Trust are continuing to deliver these activities in their projects to encourage the public to view conservation projects in progress, include the wider community in their work and to expand the range of opportunities for volunteers.

Author Information

Kate Gunthorpe is a Senior Building Surveyor for Historic England