Managing Local Authority Heritage Assets

BookManaging Local Authority Heritage Assets

Managing Local Authority Heritage Assets

Advice for Local Government

Historic England Guidance


August 18th, 2017





The guidance is primarily aimed at local authority asset managers and is intended to raise the profile of heritage assets and to provide a framework of ‘best practice’ for their care.

It is pragmatic and practical guidance which local authorities can use as they see fit and integrate into their own management arrangements. It contains a set of ‘tool kits’ which local authorities are encouraged to modify and use to suit their local circumstances. The changing nature of local government and the resource pressures it is facing means that the management and treatment of heritage assets will require more innovative approaches – both to safeguard them for the future and to bring them into productive use.

The guidance emphasises the need to think broadly and creatively about the options for heritage assets by illustrating what is possible through reference to case studies.

Table of Contents

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• Importance of heritage
• Framework for managing heritage assets
• Identify
• Plan
• Manage
• Implement
• Review
• Working together
• Further reading
• Acknowledgements