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Ryder and Yates

Twentieth Century Architects


April 30th, 2009





For the first time a comprehensive account of the outstanding work of Ryder & Yates has been chronicled in this new book by Tyneside architect Rutter Carroll. Formed by Gordon Ryder and Peter Yates and heavily influenced by Le Corbusier and Berthold Lubetkin, the practice dominated the development of modern architecture in the North East of England from the early 1950s, where their uncompromising modernism put them in stark contrast to their contemporaries.

Structured by building type, the book attempts to reveal the principles of design particular to the practice of Ryder & Yates. It tells how, from its formation in Newcastle in 1953, it quickly established a reputation for innovative and highly individual buildings situated almost exclusively on Tyneside.

Lavishly illustrated by images from the Ryder & Yates private archive, this book is an essential read for architects, students, architectural historians and modernist enthusiasts interested in learning more about one of the 20th century’s most intriguing British practices.

This book has been commissioned as part of a series of books on 20th Century Architects by RIBA Publishing, English Heritage and The Twentieth Century Society.

Table of Contents

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Introduction 1. Early Years 2. Berthold Lubetkin and Peterlee 3. House Style 4. Multi-occupancy Living 5. Exhibition Design 6. Refurbishment 7. Building for the Gas Industry 8. The Commercial World 9. Building for the Community Epilogue List of Works Exhibitions Obituary – Gordon Ryder Yates on View Bibliography Index Picture Credits