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Miscellany / Mélanges

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 201


January 1st, 1982

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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The problem of the Kehl additions to the Dictionnaire philosophique: sources, dating and authenticity8
Voltaire correcteur de ses Lettres de m. de Voltaire à ses amis du Parnasse (1766)68
Les vraies lettres de Voltaire à J. S. Bailly82
Searching for the metaphysics ofscience: the structure and composition ofmadame Du Châtelet's Institutions de physique, 1737–174086
Religious toleration in Germany, 1684–1750116
De la théorie à la fiction: les Salons de Diderot144
The intent of the digressions on father Castel and father Porée in Diderot's Lettre sur les sourds et muets164
Notes for a modern edition of the Dispute sur La postérité186
A French writer and educator in England: mme Le Prince de Beaumont196
Gibbon's Memoirs: the legacy of the historian210
Marmontel's successors: short fiction in the Mercure de France, 1760-1789222
Politics in the fiction of the French Revolution, 1789–1794234
1. Passing references241
2. Fiction and reality249
3. Politics and pornography263
4. Allegory and the Orient275
5. The Republic and the pastoral myth291
Appendix 1: Works considered too marginal for the Bibliographie du genre romanesque français313
Appendix 2: Oriental or mock-Oriental prose fiction, 1789–1794316