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Miscellany / Mélanges

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 336


January 1st, 1996

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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The Genesis and Reception of Mme de Graffigny's Lettres d'une Péruoienne and Génie8
I. Composing the Lettres d'une Péruoienne14
2. Revising the Lettres d'une Pérutnenne35
3. Composing Cénie50
4. Staging Cénie72
5. Writing a novel and writing a play in Eighteenth-century France86
6. The reception of the Lettres d'une Péruoienne94
7. The Reception of Cénie113
Conclusion: The Hermeneutic value of the Graffigny papers134
Appendix The Manuscript of letter XXIX of the Lettres d'une Perutnenne144
Lettres d 'une Pérutnenne Letter XXIX - Manuscript146
Did the Philosophes take over the Académic Francaise?160
The Academy's place in Society162
Membership of the Academy at 31 December 1752 (dates of Elections are given in Brackets)168
Membership of the Academy at 31 December 1772 (the date of Election of those admitted Between January 1763 and December 1772 is given in Brackets)174
Duclos as Secretary178
The crisis years182
Membership of the Academy on 31 December 1782 (the date of Election of members Admitted between I January 1773 and 31 December 1782 is given in Brackets)188
Membership of the Academy on 31 December 1789 (the date of the Election of those Admitted between 1 January 1783 and 31 December 1789 is given in Brackets)195
The impact of the Philosophes on the Academy198
Religion, Journalism and the Struggle against Philosophie: Trublet at the Journal chretien {1758-176o)1202
i. Voltaire and Trublet before the rift Between them204
ii. Trublet critic of La Henriade206
iii. The Journal chrétien210
iv. Trublet and the Journal chretien: The first few months223
v. Trublet critic of Voltaire235
vi. Montesquieu and Fontenelle: An Attempted Christianisation242
vii. Trublet and Helvétius249
viii. Editorial Disagreements: late 1758-1760263
ix. Trublet leaves the Journal Chrétien273
Appendix 1291
Appendix 2332