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Pour Encourager les Autres

Studies for the Tercentenary of Voltaire's Birth, 1694-1994

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 320


January 1st, 1994

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'It is impossible in a short space to do justice to the wealth of scholarship and critical acumen which is displayed here. The overall effect of the volume is both to highlight Voltaire’s relevance to the modern world and to remind us of the vigour and intellectual rigour with which Voltaire studies continue to be pursued.'
French Studies

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page4
Copyright Page5
Faut-il encore lire Voltaire?8
The 1690s18
The 1690s, decade of Voltaire's birth20
Science in the 1690s36
Etat du genre romanesque en France au temps du jeune Arouet48
The French theatre in the 1690s78
Territoires de la poésie vers 169498
'Le peuple est fort curieux de nouvelles': l'information périodique dans la France des années 1690112
Sin, style and sensibility, or the controversy over rhetoric and preaching in the I690s152
Etats presents170
The Complete works of Voltaire: a review of the first twenty-five years172
Voltaire: the biographical dimension (1975-1992)216
Voltaire's contes: a review of studies 1969-1993236
Etat présent des travaux sur la correspondance de Voltaire290