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June 30th, 2009



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A comprehensive introduction to film history, The Film Genre Book allows the reader to create their own narrative of film through history by focusing on seven genres, highlighting a key film from each genre over a ninety-year period—sixty-three films discussed in detail. The reader can trace the developments in a particular genre over time or compare films in a particular decade from the different genres. Each case-study considers issues of historical context, representation and the close textual analysis of significant scenes. Analysing films as diverse as Bambi and Pan's Labyrinth, the book immerses its reader into the full range of film experience. Its breadth of study, and the way in which it bridges the gap between commercial film guides and academic studies, makes it invaluable to teacher, student, and cineaste alike.

I also can't praise Sander's book enough.

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Author Information

John Sanders is head of film studies at Bedford Modern School, UK, and the author of The Film Genre Book.

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The Western
Science Fiction
The Blockbuster