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Herodas: Mimiambs

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August 1st, 2009

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Before the publication of the second-century AD papyrus containing eight and a fragmentary ninth of the Mimiambs of Herodas in 1891, Herodas was known only through approximately twenty lines which had survived in quotations found principally in Athenaios and Stobaios. Even after the publication of the papyrus and subsequent work on it, scarcely anything is known of their author. The scant evidence that has survived suggests that he lived in during the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphos (285-247 BC), on the island of Kos, and was a direct contemporary of the greatest of the Hellenistic poets, Callimachus, Theocritus and Apollonius. His Mimiambs are short humorous dramatic scenes written in verse, often bawdy, reflecting everyday life and dialect. In this Aris & Phillips Classical Text , Graham Zanker explores what we do know of the poet including the language, dialect and metre that he uses. Each poem is translated and accompanied by an individual commentary with synopsis, information on date, setting, sources and purpose, as well as close examination of vocabulary and grammar. This edition reveals Herodas' work in all its skill and subtlety.

...Zanker has done a fine job, succeeding admirably in serving both undergraduate students and those more advanced in Alexandrian poetry. Many details are explained well, and the commentary...gives a wide range of information.'

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page4
Copyright Page5
The Mimiambs and the Question of Performance17
Herodas’ Metre19
Herodas’ Dialect20
Herodas Mimiambs26
Mimiamb 127
Characters and characterization45
Mimiamb 1 and Theokritos’ Idylls 2, 14 and 1549
Mimiamb 255
The Characterization of Battaros79
Mimiamb 385
Characters and interactions in Mimiamb 3108
Mimiamb 4111
Constructing the scene135
Constructing the works of art in the scene137
Mimiamb 4 and Hellenistic art criticism141
Mimiamb 5145
Characters and chararacterization166
Mimiamb 6171
Characters and chararacterization194
The objectivity of Herodas197
Mimiamb 7201
Mêtrô and Kerdôn227
Kerdôn’s salesmanship228
Mimiamb 8231
Mimiamb 8 as a statement of Herodas’ literary programme246
The Fragments249