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Miguel de Unamuno

An Anthology of his Poetry

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January 31st, 2016

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Miguel de Unamuno, one of Spain's foremost literary figures, is better known for his essays and novels than for his poetry. Yet it was as a poet that he wished to be remembered and it is in his poems that he reveals the most intimate and sensitive part of his complex personality. To truly get to know Unamuno as creator it is necessary to read his poetry. This anthology of 50 poems, though modest in comparison to his large poetic output, offers the reader some of his most characteristic poems, with an English version prepared by a well-known Unamuno scholar. The English renderings are sufficiently free to allow for the use of rhyme and regular metre, but strive to capture Unamuno's highly personal way of looking at our human circumstance and destiny. In effect the anthology offers a way of approaching Unamuno that differs significantly from an approach via his prose works: it projects a more meditative and warm-hearted individual than the combative Unamuno of popular perception. The 50 poems, each with a short commentary relating it to Unamuno's personal circumstances and to his thought, are arranged under six headings: (1) Family and Home; (2) God and Mortality; (3) The Land; (4) Exile; (5) Language and Poetry; (6) Philosophical Meditations. The anthology thus offers a microcosm of Unamuno's poetic world and should be useful to those who have little or no knowledge of him. It provides a way of learning something about the man and the writer through a part of his production that has received less attention than it deserves and which projects a significantly different image from the widespread view we have of him. The poems are preceded by a substantial introduction which explores the importance and relevance of Unamuno's poetry, his major themes, and his style.

Author Information

C. A. Longhurst is Emeritus Professor of the University of Leeds and was for eight years Visiting Professor at King's College London. He has published over twenty books and articles on Unamuno

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page2
Copyright Page3
Unamuno’s Poetic Production8
Poetic Themes13
The Translation24
Editions of Unamuno’s Poetry29
Select Bibliography31
I Family And Home34
1 Volviendo a casa / Returning Home35
2 El hogar / Home37
3 Dulce, silencioso pensamiento / Sweet, Silent Thought39
4 Al niño enfermo / To the Sick Child41
5 En la muerte de Concha / Upon the Death of Concha45
6 En mi estudio / In my Study47
7 El niño y el muñeco / The Child and the Doll51
8 La presencia de Concha / Concha’s Presence53
II God And Mortality58
9 Silencios vacíos / Empty Silence59
10 Para después de mi muerte / After I Cease to Be61
11 Leyendo un libro vivo de un amigo muerto / Reading the Living Book of a Dead Friend67
12 A la espera / Waiting69
13 Ríos de mi vida / Rivers of my Life71
14 Irrequietum cor / Restless Heart73
15 La oración del ateo / The Atheist’s Prayer75
16 Salmo II / Psalm II77
III The Land82
17 Salamanca / Salamanca83
18 Tierra del Tormes / Land of the Tormes87
19 Al Tormes / To the River Tormes89
20 La peña de Francia / The Rock of France91
21 El lago de San Martín / The Lake at San Martín93
22 Medina de Rioseco / Medina de Rioseco95
23 La voz de la campana / The Voice of the Bell97
24 Portugal (i) / Portugal (i)99
25 Portugal (ii) / Portugal (ii)101
IV Exile104
26 Mi otro sino / My Other Fate105
27 Olas lejanas / Distant Waves107
28 Betancuria / Betancuria109
29 Fuerteventura / Fuerteventura111
30 En el exilio / In Exile113
31 Romances fronterizos / Frontier Ballads115
32 Orhoit gutaz / Remember Us117
33 El cementerio de Hendaya / The Cemetery at Hendaye121
V Language and Poetry126
34 Las caras de la poesía / The Faces of Poetry127
35 La labor del poeta / The Task of the Poet129
36 La palabra que vibra / The Vibrant Word131
37 La palabra cruel / The Cruel Word133
38 La palabra símbolo / The Word as Symbol135
39 Non omnis moriar / Not All of Me Will Die137
40 El nombre del Hombre / The Name of Man139
41 Los hijos de silencio / The Children of Silence141
VI Philosophical Meditations146
42 Kant y la rana / Kant and the Frog147
43 ¿Libres? / Are we Free?151
44 Dios y la palabra / God and the Word153
45 Entropía / Entropy155
46 Las agujas del reloj / The Hands of the Clock157
47 Filosofemas / Philosophemes159
48 La última palabra de Hamlet / Hamlet’s Last Word161
49 Anamnesis / Reminiscence165
50 La muerte es sueño / Death is a Dream169
Commentaries on the Poems172