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Jose Diaz-Fernandez

The Blockhouse

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August 31st, 2015

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El Blocao, one of the most distinguished examples of avant-garde, anti-colonialist prose produced in Spain, is a collection of seven short stories parodying the highly popular serial fiction on the country's colonial wars in Morocco. Diaz-Fernandez appropriates the populist discourse articulated in the Moroccan War pulp fiction, subverting it in order to denounce the political and economic interests that inform the colonial enterprise, while effectively adopting the rhetorical innovations introduced by the European avant-garde during the 1920s. The advent of the Spanish Civil War and the premature death of its author put an end to what promised to be a brilliant literary and political career. After decades of historical amnesia on the part of Spanish academics and the Spanish public at large, the renewed interest in Spain's Protectorate of Morocco (1912-1956), brought about by the massive waves of Maghrebian immigration to Spain since the 1990s, has informed the recent fascination of scholars and the general public alike for Spain's last colonial enterprise. Spain's highly idiosyncratic colonization of the Maghreb (Morocco and Western Sahara) played a crucial role in the history of the country during the first half of the twentieth century. After the loss of its Latin American colonies in 1898, the Protectorate of Morocco became a poor substitute for the lost empire. Spain, no longer a European superpower, tried to reconcile the rebuilding of its own socio-economic infrastructures with its civilizing mission overseas. As one could expect, the resulting colonial discourse was ripe with contradictions that often betrayed Spain's long struggle.

Author Information

Adolfo Campoy-Cubillo is assistant professor of Spanish at Oakland University. His research interests include the Hispanophone literature of the Maghreb, the historical novel on the Spanish Protectorate of Morocco, and the connections between Colonial Morocco and the so called Edad de Plata of Spanish literature. Paul Southern is a literary translator and author based in the UK with major research interests in the military history of both Spain and Portugal’s former African colonies is his major area of interest. He is the author of number of influential translations and books in this area.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page2
Copyright Page3
Translator’s Note17
El blocao / The Blockhouse24
Dedicatoria / Dedication25
1. El blocao / The Blockhouse27
2. El reloj / The Pocket Watch41
3. Cita en la huerta / Tryst in the Orchard49
4. Magdalena roja / Red Magdalene61
5. África a sus pies / Africa at his Feet103
6. Reo de muerte / Death Sentence111
7. Convoy de amor / Love’s convoy119