Christians and Moors in Spain, Volume I: AD 711-1150

BookChristians and Moors in Spain, Volume I: AD 711-1150

Christians and Moors in Spain, Volume I: AD 711-1150

Aris & Phillips Hispanic Classics


January 26th, 2018

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This volume gathers together extracts from texts in Latin, Hispanic vernaculars, and French, concerning the relations of the Christians and Moors in Spain in the first four hundred years of their co-existence in the Peninsula. An effort has been made to illustrate aspects other than the exclusively military. The texts are both historical and 'literary' (this distinction not being one that the medieval mind would make) and in both prose and verse; they are arranged in order of the events to which they refer, not by date of composition. The purpose is to make these texts available in a form not previously attempted, to all who are interested in this fascinating period, but may be unable to read the original languages or may not have access to the published sources. Each text has a facing translation and introductory section with notes on the background and on textual difficulties. There is also a general introduction and a short booklist.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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1 . Origins of Islam (7th century)15
2. The prophecy of the fall of Spain (711)21
3. The invasion of Spain (711)23
4. The invasion of Spain: another view (711)27
5. Lament for the destruction of Spain (711)31
6. The Occupation and the first resistance (711–22)37
7. Charlemagne in Spain (778)43
8. Charlemagne converts the infidels (late 8th century)45
9. The Franks take Gerona (786)51
10. The martyrdom of Isaac de Tábanos (851)55
11. A prophecy of reconquest (883)61
12. Advance and settlement under Alfonso III (late 9th century)63
13. Miraculous aid in battle (934)67
14. Otto l's embassy to the Caliph (956)75
15. Two miracles concerning al – Mansur (997)89
16. St James announces the capture of Coimbra (1064)93
17. The capture of Barbastro (1064)97
18. The mosque of Toledo (1085)101
19. St Dominic of Silos frees a captive (1087)105
20. Campaigns and politics in and around Valencia (1088)111
21 . A romantic interlude (1091 or 1092)117
22. Lament for the loss of Valencia (1094)121
23. The Cid's speech to the Moors of Valencia (1094}127
24. Moorish honour, Christian treachery (about 1098)133
25. The Cid takes Murviedro (1098)137
26. The Cid endows the Cathedral of Valencia (1098)143
27 . St James frees a captive (1100)147
28. Alvar Fáñez's defence of Toledo (1109)151
29. The Pisans attack the Balearics (1114–15)157
30. St James cures a Muslim ambassador (1121)161
31. Alfonso VII's first Andalusian campaign (1133)167
32. A sense of chivalry? (1139)173
33. Spain as crusading territory (about 1140)175
34. Peter the Venerable has the Koran translated (1142)179
35. Preparations for the Almería campaign (1147)181
36. The Genoese expedition to Almería (1147)185