Life of Saint Wilfrid by Edmer

BookLife of Saint Wilfrid by Edmer

Life of Saint Wilfrid by Edmer

Vita Sancti Wilfridi Auctore Edmero

Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies


July 1st, 1998

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This work is an edition of Edmer of Canterbury's 12th-century "Vita Sancti Wilfridi" ("Life of St Wilfrid"); it also includes a critical edition of the Latin text, a translation, historical introduction and commentary, a rhetorical analysis of Edmer's style, and two appendices. The introduction examines the influence of 12th century ecclesiastical politics on the development of the cult of St Wilfrid, and reassesses the prejudices of the early accounts of Wilfrid's life by Stephen (Eddius) and Bede.The edition is based on all known surviving texts of the "vita", including a recently discovered witness in The Ballarat Fine Arts Gallery, Australia. It traces the influence and use of the "vita" during the three centuries after it was written, with specific reference to historical and ecclesiastical compilations and its use as a source for liturgical texts. It also assesses the early printed tradition of the "vita".

Bernard Muir is Reader in Medieval Language and Literature in the English Department, University of Melbourne. His publications include The Exeter Anthology of Old English Poetry (Exeter) and A Pre-Conquest English Prayerbook (Boydell).

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Bernard Muir is Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Melbourne. His publications include The Exeter Anthology of Old English Poetry (Exeter); A Pre-Conquest English Prayerbook (Boydell).

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Section TitlePagePrice
Title Page6
Copyright Page7
1.0 General Comments12
2.0 The Life of Wilfrid13
3.0 The Life of Edmer29
4.0 Edmer's Vita Sancti Wilfridi32
5.0 Other Accounts of Wilfrid's Life by Edmer46
6.0 Later Medieval Use and the Influence of the VSW51
7.0 The Manuscript Tradition65
8.0 Relationships between the Manuscripts71
9.0 Previous Printed Editions of the VSW83
10.0 Editorial Principles of the Present Edition88
Summary of the Vita Sancti Wilfridi90
Vita Sancti Wilfridi: Text and Translation97
Breuiloquium Vite Sancti Wilfridi: Text and Translation251
Primary Sources341
Secondary Sources343
Reference Works and Catalogues356
1: Ripon and Balliol Excerpts360
2: The Parent Composite Manuscript366
Index of Proper Names376