Baculard d'Arnaud

BookBaculard d'Arnaud

Baculard d'Arnaud

Life and Prose Fiction [Volume II]

Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment, 142


January 1st, 1976

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Title Page4
Copyright Page5
Table of Contents8
B. The Nouvelles historiques10
1. Background, genesis and the preface10
2. The Middle ages: fact and sentiment25
3. A special problem: the Sire de Créqui69
VIII. Conclusion100
A. An annotated bibliography of the published works of Baculard160
1. Preliminary remarks160
2. OEuvres (collected works)172
3. Poetry185
4. Dramatic works198
5. Prose223
B. An annotated bibliography of works directly concerning Baculard d'Arnaud264
C. A bibliography of manuscript material, including lithograph and related material272
D. A Bibliography of additional sources280